About Us

Djamo is a technology company that powers a banking system accessible to all. We process KYC, fraud, bank deposits, and transfers. Nearly every system we operate interacts with sensitive financial data, making security a top priority at Djamo.

You will work directly with internal and external stakeholders to define security requirements, build security into designs, provide guidance on new and existing technologies, and champion security initiatives.

About the role

As a member of the security team at Djamo, you will be working towards raising the bar on security. We will achieve that by working and collaborating with cross-functional teams to provide guidance on security best practices. The Security Team is responsible for leading and implementing the various initiatives that relate to improving Djamo’s security.

The Senior security engineer is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to protect computer systems, networks, and other digital assets from malicious attacks. They commonly work with a team of IT professionals to design and implement new security measures or update existing ones.

The Senior security engineers may also be tasked with analyzing current security protocols to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. This analysis often leads to the development of new security measures designed to patch these holes and keep sensitive data safe.

You have

  • At least 5 years of experience in application security, with experience in activities such as threat modeling, secure code review, vulnerability management, and penetration testing.
  • Experience in providing documentation and enabling companies to successfully pass audits from external auditors (experience with PCI-DSS is a plus).
  • Broad knowledge of web and application attack vectors, exploits, and mitigations that work at scale.
  • Strong communication skills, is accustomed to working closely with engineering teams, and has the ability to influence.
  • The ability to think like an attacker, develop threat models and help teams reason through different approaches to reducing risk.

You will

  • Be the main interlocutor for all security audits and identify what needs to be done so Djamo can pass the required certifications.
  • Work with engineering teams to design solutions that are inherently secure.
  • Identify and navigate the trade-offs necessary between security and product velocity.
  • Model and identify potential risks in design, configuration, code, or deployed systems along with designing and implementing mitigation options.
  • Scale security efforts by empowering engineering teams with the right guidance, patterns, and training.
  • Drive infrastructure directions and solutions in collaboration with other teams.